#Trippen, the feminist shoe

20 Dic


To be true: no, I would have never believed that I could couple the adjective feminist  to a fetish sandal.
But these sandals by Trippen – designed, manufactured and sold in Berlin, are the dream of that kind of women who risk suicide, or at least lan ankle fracture, every time they dare wearing a heel.

Comfortable, sexy, soft and black, they wrap your feet in real leather, while putting between me and the soil a complex, bizarre-shaped, rubber geometry which prevents me from slipping, bumping, bad supporting my feet, taking retorts and having poor figures.

Only the Germans could have thought about it.
Just visit their  website: their design is completely different from Italian stylists’ ones. No lightness, thin lines, wild imagination without any relationship with reality.

There are no stilettoes, at Trippen’s. Colours are basic (white, black, forest green, red and a few more), materials are few (rubber, wood, leather, produced in a sustainable way).
There is creativity – a lot of it – but it is strictly subject to practicality and ergonomics.
In a word: it is subject to the total shoe sustainability; a shoe conceived for human beings throughout their everyday life, not for models upon the catwalk.
That’s logical, in a town made for 3 quarters of parks and provided with an enviable  cyclable paths network. As a matter of fact, Germans use bycicles as much as possible, for leisure and work.


BERLIN-Hackesche_Hoefe (1)

In the Trippen concept (which I can’t help imagining projected not by women designers, but by male designers who like real women), a woman uses her shoes to move, to run, to take the stairs, to go to disco, to go wild too.
She wants to be beautiful, she wants to be sexy, but she doesn’t want to suffer. Because she’s not a masochist, because she’s had enough of plasters, calluses, blisters and icepacks.

And maybe she’s had enough even of that hateful habit: going out, walking and driving her car wih her ballet pumps on, just to put on her “serious”, “nice”, heel shoes, only at the last moment, secretly, in the bathroom or wardrobe.
That’s all bullshit.
With these Trippen shoes on, you can go everywhere, without bringing a replacement. Without – most important – playing a part.


When I was resigned to wearing only ballet pumps, flat boots etc., this discovery has changed forever my foot life.
I’m quite sure think I’m going to buy some other ones, soon or later, though they are not so cheap. Maybe that will be my apology to go back to Berlin (a town I’m in love with), but if you can’t go there, you can buy them on line or in the many retailers throughout the world (including Etré and Bernardelli, in Mantova, Italy).

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